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'Annual Support Package' for Primary Headteachers

The PRIMARY HEADTEACHERS SUPPORT PACKAGE is an e-folder of completed exemplar documentation and resources covering the whole of a headteachers academic year and is available to download immediately. The support package:

  • Identifies for Headteachers the key tasks to complete at the best time of the year - ensuring the school year is well organised, runs smoothly and important tasks are completed in advance to reduce stress, avoid crisis and achieve outstanding practice.
  • Provides for Headteachers completed high quality exemplar documentation for each key task during the year - enabling key tasks to be completed more easily, efficiently and effectively and avoiding having to 're-invent the wheel', create documentation from scratch or 'second guess' best practice.
  • Prepares Headteachers for OFSTED, by providing outstanding exemplar documentation (e.g. SEF, SDP, ASP analysis and many more documents) to copy, edit or refine which are focused on effective school improvement and have been proven to be judged high quality by OFSTED.

Headteachers purchasing the support package also receive free:

  • Support for Headteachers in the form of email and telephone support from Primary Heads Paperwork staff, (who are, or have been, experienced successful primary headteachers), to discuss school issues, help establish effective practice and enable you to experience success in the job.
  • Summaries for Headteachers outlining changes in educational practice, providing regular free documentation, to keep up to date with DfE changes efficiently and effectively.

To download an overview of the support package documentation entitled 'Annual Key Tasks for Heads' select 'FREE sample document' from the support page on the Primary Heads Paperwork website. If you choose to download the full support package please be aware it is ~500Mb and may take 2-3 mins to download.

For further details or enquiries please don't hesitate to:
Phone: 0845 308 1441 or

Annual Support Package for Primary Headteachers
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