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FAQs list

I have not received an email as a new customer registering for the first time - What should I do?

If an email does not appear in your inbox when registering for the first time please check the following:

1. Check your inbox is not full.

2. Check the activation email has not gone to your junk mail.

3. Check your email account has not exceeded its limit (Eg If sent messages are not deleted the limit of your email account may be exceeded even whilst your inbox is empty).

4. Check that  a typing error has not been made whilst registering the email address on the Primary Heads Paperwork site.

5. Check your inbox is updated by clicking the F5 key.

6. Close your email and re-open it.

7. Go back to the website and where it informs you that a link has been sent there is a tab that enables you to ask for another activation email to be sent.

8. Check the email addresses from primaryheadspaperwork are not filtered by your Local Authority, the addresses are : and

 If having checked the above and no email has arrived in your inbox try registering with a different email address and a new username and password.

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