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How do I order a product?

1. ADD TO BASKET your required products from the PAPERWORK page and click 'VIEW BASKET' in the top right of the screen to proceed with your order - this will take you to the login page.

2. Existing customers login with your username and password.

   New customers click  'REGISTER NOW' and enter your details click 'SIGN UP' then go to the email account and click the activation link in the activation email from us.


3. From 'VIEW MY BASKET' check your order, click your acceptance in the 'TERMS & CONDITIONS' box and then select 'PLACE ORDER'.

4. From the 'Your Invoices' section at the bottom of your account page click 'SHOW INVOICE' and check your invoice, PRINT your invoice to process payment by cheque or BACS - an invoice will also be emailed to you.


5. From the 'Your Orders' section at the top of your account page Click the DOCUMENT ICON in the DOWNLOAD column on the right to unzip your products onto your desktop.

Do I need a Credit / Debit Card?

NO! - In fact we don't accept credit or debit cards.

The only way to pay Primary Heads Paperwork is by cheque or BACS using the invoice generated as part of the ordering process.

Cheques should be made payable to Primary Heads Paperwork and the invoice number included.

How long does it take to download the files?

The download time for products is literally seconds, however, it may vary according to the speed of the internet link you are using.

The exception to this is the RE products containing Powerpoint Assemblies (RE1-5) - These products can take up to half an hour to download due to the large size (380mb) of the files.

How do I unzip the downloaded files?

Primary Heads Paperwork files are compressed due to the size of the files.

If you do not have software to decompress files and unzip them you can download this free in minutes from the internet.

Google 'free winzip download' and select an appropriate webpage to download the evaluation version of 'winzip'

To unzip a folder right click on the folder and select 'open with winzip'

'We are sorry but something went wrong' - What do I do if this page shows?

If a page shows saying 'We are sorry but something went wrong' this is generally related to the firewall restricting web pages opening.

What to do:

1. Click on the back key in the top left of the screen.

2. Continue opening the page you just tried to open.

3. The page will generally open when visited for a second time as the first time it is being checked.


My email activation link doesn't work - What should I do?

The email activation link is sent within an email to customers who register for the first time to verify that the email address is valid.

Normally when opening the email and clicking on the activation hyperlink the users account is activated and  'Your Orders' page on the Primary Heads Paperwork site opens so customers can continue downloading the order.

However if when clicking on the hyperlink within the email we send you nothing seems to happen and the 'Your Orders' page from Primary Heads Paperwork does not open do not worry!

By clicking on the actiation link your account is verified however due to the settings on your computer the 'Your Orders' page may be blocked or not open.

Simply go to the Primary Heads Paperwork site and log on as an existing customer using your username and password and the 'Your Orders' page will open for you to continue downloading your order.


I have not received an email as a new customer registering for the first time - What should I do?

If an email does not appear in your inbox when registering for the first time please check the following:

1. Check your inbox is not full.

2. Check the activation email has not gone to your junk mail.

3. Check your email account has not exceeded its limit (Eg If sent messages are not deleted the limit of your email account may be exceeded even whilst your inbox is empty).

4. Check that  a typing error has not been made whilst registering the email address on the Primary Heads Paperwork site.

5. Check your inbox is updated by clicking the F5 key.

6. Close your email and re-open it.

7. Go back to the website and where it informs you that a link has been sent there is a tab that enables you to ask for another activation email to be sent.

8. Check the email addresses from primaryheadspaperwork are not filtered by your Local Authority, the addresses are : and

 If having checked the above and no email has arrived in your inbox try registering with a different email address and a new username and password.

I have forgotton my username and password - What should I do?


Your password and username is now sent to you in your activation email.

If your can't find your activation email and you can't remember your password log on again registering as a new customer.

This time use a different email address, username and password; remembering to retain the email with your new username and password.

Write down your username and password.

My Username is not accepted when I log in - What should I do?

Usernames need to be unique to your self. Registration will not succeed if the username has already been used by another customer.

Usernames such as 'Head' or 'Headteacher' have already been taken therefore it is best to choose a personalised username which is unlikely to have been used by someone else.

If when registering for the first time your username is not accepted simply re-register using a different username until it is accepted.


How does payment & delivery work?


After placing your order, you will be required to print your invoice so that it can be processed by your administrator.
Payment is required within 30 days of the date of order either by BACS or cheque. Payment details are supplied on the invoice.


Purchased products are available for download from the date of purchase.
You can login to Primary Heads Paperwork and download your products at any point to access your products.