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TL2: Monitoring the Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Effectively

Is your monitoring and evaluation of teaching, learning and assessment making a significant impact on pupil standards within each cohort?


This e-folder of documentation, available to download immediately onto your desktop costs £65 + VAT and contains all the tools you will need to ensure effective monitoring of teaching, learning and assessment gathering evidence from: 

Lesson Observations,

Pupil Discussions;

Planning Audits and

Book Scrutinies;

The folder includes templates and examples of:

  • OFSTED Criteria for monitoring the Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment summarized including grade descriptors.
  • Completed example of a SEE / SEF section for 'The Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment' in line with the latest OFSTED Handbook.
  • The 'Teaching Standards' and using them to evaluate the quality of teaching.
  • Setting challenging targets for each cohort including examples of actions to impact improvement - to use during pupil progress meetings.
  • Effective observation of English, Maths using a range of monitoring examples and templates and directly linked to the new  OFSTED descriptors.
  • How to follow up weak  observations – a template and example of how to address poor teaching successfully.
  • Monitoring examples of planning and book scrutinies - various examples and templates
  • Examples of pupil discussions using questions similar to those used by OFSTED to evaluate impact of teaching, learning and assessment on pupils.
  • Related core subject policies for the new curriculum and English, Maths, Science, Homework and Marking Policy & Procedures.
  • Core subject planning examples and templates for English, Maths and Science to use in planning scrutinies.
  • Criteria, examples and templates for monitoring and evaluating the quality of plans - weekly and half term plans.
  • Examples of effective book audits to ensure consistency throughout school and high standards of presentation.
  • Templates and examples for monitoring Guided Reading including examples of questions for the high order skills such as inference and deduction.
  • Examples of how to track pupil progress and standards in each cohort in the core subjects in an efficient and easy to use way for Governors to be reassured.
Head Teacher Feedback:
"The documents saved me alot of time, they were easy to use and very helpful for improving the standard of teaching and learning with my staff - thank you"
Price: £65.00
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