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TL1: Child Speak Targets - For the new curriculum for Y1-6 in reading, writing, maths & science

Do you require new child speak targets, linked to the new curriculum & life without levels, for Y1-6 in reading, writing, maths and science?


This e-folder of documentation, available to download immediately onto your desktop costs £35 + VAT and includes:

Child Speak targets linked to the new curriculum and life without levels for Y1-6 in reading, writing, maths and science which:

  • Help pupils know 'the next step' in their learning and teachers to be focused on that step, enabling increased progress at a quicker pace.
  • Are in 'child speak' so that they are clear & explicit, able to be used and understood by any adult or child.
  • May be displayed as A3 classroom laminates and/or as A5 reminders in the children's books and be highlighted as the lesson learning objective.
  • Make explicit the expected objectives that pupils in any given year group should be achieving in each core subject, ensuring teaching expectations are in line with challenging targets set by management.

Additional documentation includes: 

  • Pupil personal profile targets - these help class teachers find out more about their pupils and take action to ensure they have friends, are happy, enjoy their work, are attending clubs and more.
  • EYFS child friendly targets which are easy to use and an effective tool for assessment.
  • Maths Ladders and Writing Pencils - these are for pupils to have book marks for writing and maths with thier targets on ensuring pupils know what they are aiming for and how to get there.
  • Parent Information Booklets - Explaining the precise expectations for each core subject in any given year group relating to the new curriculum.


Head Teacher Feedback:

"The ready-made child speak targets saved us alot of time and helps focus pupils, teaching assistants and parents on the next step of the child's learning which has resulted in children making more progress more quickly"

Price: £35.00
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