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SA2: ASP Provisional Data Analysis Questions and Completed Examples

Have you analysed your ASP data, identifying your key issues & improvements?


This e-folder of documentation, available to download immediately onto your desktop costs £45+ VAT and includes:


High quality ANALYSIS QUESTIONS for your ASP - analysis questions for each section, page by page.


Example of a FULL ASP analysis on just 4 pages - ideal to use with the SMT. highlighting the key issues, the key improvements and illustrating clear, precise and incisive analysis, including examples of evaluative questions that form the basis of future high impact actions. 


Example of a SUMMARY ASP analysis on just 3 pages - ideal to use with Key Stage Managers to ensure they know the key issues and improvements and the key actions to make further improvements.


Example of a HEADLINE ASP analysis on just 2 pages - ideal for reporting to Governors. The key pages identified in BOLD to help you review your latest ASP quickly!


The key issues and the key improvements clearly identified and colour coded by the analysis to assist you in 'knowing' your school and deciding exactly what needs to be addressed.


Example of a completed SEF / SSE section on ‘The Outcomes of Pupils’ reporting ASP data analysis in an evaluative style and the latest prompts from OFSTED for writing this section of the SEF / SSE.


An ASP TRAINING POWERPOINT explaining the main pages in the latest ASP and providing key evaluative questions.



Head Teacher Feedback:

“The analysis questions helped our Senior Management Team to quickly interpret our school data and get a clear and precise understanding of the areas we need to improve – we now feel much more confident interpreting, explaining and using our data.”

Price: £45.00
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