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SA1: Raising Personal Standards of Pupils

Do you need effective practical ways to develop pupils' independence, personal organisation and ability to take responsibility?

This e-folder of documentation, available to download immediately onto your desktop costs £35 + VAT and includes:

  • Pupil personal profiles - 12 key questions providing all the personal information for a pupil on one A4 sheet ready to share with parents and staff. Adapting the profiles by key stage staff increases ownership of the information they require and sharing the profiles with parents during consultations reassures parents of the personal care and understanding teachers have of their child.


  • Pupil Standard Letters - 20 pre-authorised standard letters for staff to use to maintain high standards in uniform, homework, behaviour, punctuality, PE kit, work in class, playground behaviour, healthy snacks, lateness, absence, unattended parent evenings etc. These empower staff, creating a culture where pupils respect all adults in school, and release senior management from low order tasks to focus on managing.


  • Pupil Leaders and Monitors scheme - A list of 'out of class' responsibilities that pupils in year 5 & 6 are responsible for as monitors or prefects. Providing a significant opportunity to establish a culture of responsibility, reliability and ownership in addition to aiding the smooth running of the school.


  • Pupil mentors for maths and writing used each day to mentor and boost the attainment of their peers, developing a supportive learning culture that impacts the whole school positively.


  • Pupil Transition policy and procedures for transition from Nursery to EYFS, EYFS to Y1, Y2 to Y3 and Y6 to Y7. Highlighting many issues that pupils and their parents experience but are often overlooked and offering workable, practical solutions that enhance transition.


  • Pupil OFSTED questionnaire and a selection of other pupil surveys. The outcomes may be included in the SSE / SEF illustrating the schools pro-activity and providing the exact data inspectors are looking for.


  • Pupil Homework Letters for every year group that provide clear information for parents, high expectations for pupils and accountability for teachers.


  • Pupil Peace Pals - Empowering pupils to be negotiators and deal with conflict releasing teachers to teach and pastoral staff to facilitate a team of pupil peace pals who deal with low level conflict between pupil peers.


  • Pupil Discipline and Behaviour Documentation illustrating a green card, yellow card and red card system that significantly reduces low level disruption and includes sanctions and rewards for pupils.


  • Pupil Led Clubs - Documentation which illustrates how to double the number of clubs in school especially for younger pupils by enlisting Y5 and Y6 pupils to lead clubs at lunchtime for KS1 pupils.



  • Pupil Led Assemblies - Four seasonal PPT assemblies that pupils can use to do an assembly without any help - introducing effectively the idea of pupils leading worship regularly.
Head Teacher Feedback:

"Using these resources has resulted in pupils feeling more successful as they take on responsibility around school and feel a greater sense of ownership and pride in school - Thank you!"

Price: £35.00
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