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LM2: Exemplar School Improvement Plans for OFSTED

Do you need examples of a range of SMART school improvement plans and action plans written in line with OFSTED?


This e-folder of documentation, available to download immediately onto your desktop costs £65 + VAT and is key to securing a good or outstanding Leadership & Management judgement during an inspection. This e-folder includes:


  • Model School Improvement Plans based on the 5 OFSTED areas, plus EYFS, including a colourful summary - this model SIP may be easily overwritten and provide an impressive document for OFSTED who have described this document as a powerful tool for improvement.
  • STANDARDS SIP using life without levels - this document is ideal to track attainment and progress throughout the year and enables staff to know the key priorities in each year group, which pupils, what interventions and what targets need to be reached - Ideal for progress meetings with staff - OFSTED were highly impressed by this document despite the date being challenging!
  • Visual School Improvement Plan Summaries as pictorial A4 or A3 in colour for Governors, Parents and Staff to see on 1 sheet of paper the main developments for the school in the coming year - Ten different examples using imaginative scenes such as a space scene where the planets are the main SIP objectives and the stars are the minor objectives.
  • A Training Exemplar of How To Write A School Improvement Plan - illustrating precise language for each section of the plan. Ensuring plans are SMART with measurable outcomes that demonstrate success and satisfy OFSTED.
  • School Improvement Plan Cycle & Criteria including an Initial Priorities document that starts the SIP for next year incorporating ideas from staff, governors and pupils. A Checklist that enables the SIP process in your school to involve every stakeholder in the community and demonstrate outstanding practice to OFSTED.
  • 50+ Additional Exemplar Action Plans for: Arts Mark, Assessment, Community cohesion, Core Subjects, Curriculum, Disability Access, ECO award, Equality, Ethnic Minority, Every Child matters, Extended schools, EYFS, G&T, Governors, ICT, Inclusion & SEN, KS1, KS2, Learning Culture, Learning Mentor, Management, OFSTED, Outdoor Edn, Parent Liaison, PE, Primary Strategy, Property, Race, RE, Science, SEND, SMSC, Staffing, Standards, Stress Management, Talking curriculum, Use of School Grounds





Head Teacher Feedback:

"The plans were detailed but concise, easy to adopt or refine and a great time saver providing quality examples as starting points."

Price: £65.00
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