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LM1: Annual Management Timetables of Key Meetings and Agendas

Do you manage to complete all management and evaluation tasks throughout the year ready for your inspection?


This e-folder of documentation, available to download immediately onto your desktop costs £40 + VAT and includes:



1. Six half termly management diaries - forming an annual management diary.

Listing all meetings for the half term and agendas such as: SLT, SMT, Key Stage Managers, Staff, Support staff & Governors meetings and listing all self-evaluation tasks for the half term such as: Observations, weelky monitoring, directed time & INSET.  

The management diaries ensure all essential tasks are completed during the appropriate half term each year by the management staff. In addition the diaries help to ensure the number of meetings & tasks are realistic, achievable & agreed in advance thus reducing stress. 

The management diaries provide excellent evidence trails for OFSTED of self-evaluation tasks completed and a yearly overview that is realistic, achievable & focused on raising standards & reducing stress.


2. An attractive annual diary for the year on two A4 pages in terms and months which ensures the year is planned and communicated well in advance ensuring all the traditional events are included for that year, avoiding double booking and maximising learning weeks. 


3. A Weekly Diary listing key issues/information for the week such as:

Interruptions to the timetable, advance notices, pupil issues, staff changes, safeguarding/equality issues, attached forms, premises issues, playground issues, changes to the timetable, visitors in school, pupil target for the week, assemblies, ICT issues, self-evaluation tasks, professional development, INSET, observations and a thank you to staff each week.

The weekly diary ensures communication in school is enhanced, crisis management is avoided and all staff are informed in advance of the coming week’s activities, timetable and staffing changes, expectations and responsibilities. It ensures routines and procedures such as safeguarding are clearly documented and communicated.


4. An annual timetable for governor meetings 

 Listing all committee meetings required annually and the necessary items on the agenda for each committee for each half term, ensuring actions are completed well in advance; also included are examples of governor agendas for each half term. This enables the year to be planned effectively and reduces workload.


4. An annual timetable for worship assemblies divided into each half term:

 These half termly worship diaries document assemblies that may be repeated each year such as anti-bullying week, saints days and Fair trade week etc ensuring a balance and breadth of assembly content throughout the year . It is a reminder each half term of items such as: the charities supported, the ECO projects, the local visitors, the classes to perform to parents and the safeguarding assembly ensuring annual traditions are maintained. A calendar of annual religious festivals is also included.


5. An annual intervention timetable that demonstrates all the interventions for the year,

The intervention timetable highlights:  which pupils, when, what intervention, where and the levels to be achieved as a result of the intervention - ensuring intervention is focused and thorough from September. This timetable targets borderline pupils in each year group and focusses the class teachers helping them to reach their targets.


6. An annual visits and visitors annual timetable 

The annual visits and visitors timetable ensures all visits and visitors are booked well in advance, risk assessments are in the diary 2 weeks in advance of each visit and transport is arranged well in advance - resulting in exciting and engaging opportunities for pupils in every year group every half term. 





Head Teacher Feedback:

"It's not easy to fit everything into the year, but these documents helped plan the year and ensure our self evaluation was thorough and effective."

Price: £40.00
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