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LM3: Documentation for Governors Meetings

Do you require high quality Governors documentation such as examples of Heads reports, Governor Monitoring in school templates and Governor audits & action plans for OFSTED?

This e-folder of documentation, available to download immediately onto your desktop costs £45 + VAT and includes:

  • Governors ‘financial skills audit’ and ‘budget monitoring checklist’ - to assist governors to evaluate the school budget effectively and fulfill their financial responsibilities.


  • Examples of Heads Reports to Governors and checklists of items to include for best practice for each term.


  • Governor Monitoring of Core Subject Standards - these documents enable governors to track pupil progress effectively each half term in a 20 minute meeting - they are easy to use for both senior staff and governors. 


  • A complete year of typical agendas for Full Governing Body meetings each half term to ensure actions are taken well in advance and annual routines are embedded.


  • Annual timetable and overview for Sub Committees, ensuring all necessary tasks are completed at the appropriate time during the year and providing realistic expectations of the time and commitment required for each sub-committee member.


  • Sub Committee remits that ensure parity of procedures between Sub Committees and clear lines of responsibility.


  • An example of a Governors Report to Parents - in the form of a 2 page summary of the SSE and a 1 page colourful summary of the SIP.


  • OFSTED criteria for effective governing bodies illustrating the criteria that they will use to judge a governing body's effectiveness.


  • A Governor audit for self-review purposes, providing evidence trails and self evaluation outcomes for the effectiveness of the governing body - required by OFSTED.


  • Governing Body Policies for  the role of Governors, governor induction, governor code of conduct and governor monitoring in school using learning walks etc.


Head Teacher Feedback:

"The documents were very helpful, especially the suggestions as to what should be included in each Full Governors meetings throughout the year."

Price: £45.00
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