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Annual Support Package for Primary Headteachers

Would you save time having a bank of ready made documents for most tasks a Headteacher completes in an academic year?


The Annual Support Package for Primary Headteachers

This is an e-folder of exemplar, high quality completed examples of documentation to support the whole academic year. The e-documents are ideal to copy, edit or refine - saving time, relieving stress and sharing good practice - and are available to download immediately.


Telephone and Email Support

Headteachers purchasing the support package are also entitled to email and telephone support for one year from staff at Primary Heads Paperwork who have many years of experience and success as Primary Headteachers.


The Documentation

The documentation in the ‘Annual Support Package for Primary Headteachers’ includes six folders of documents, one folder for each half term, covering the main tasks Headteachers complete throughout the year. Further details of the contents in each folder are listed in the FREE sample download at

The titles of the six folders are listed below in a suggested order for the year:

Autumn 1:  Annual Management Diaries and timetables of key meetings, visits and events for the year (LM1).


Autumn 2:  ASP School Data Analysis and summaries for OFSTED, governors, staff, parents and the school website (SA2).


Spring 1:  Outstanding SSE / SEF completed example written in OFSTED style and speak using ASP data (SE3).

Spring 2:  Examples of School Improvement Plans in OFSTED style and language using the 5 ares plus EYFS (LM2).

Summer 1:  Staff Recruitment and Interview Documentation completed to copy and edit to use at short notice (SM2).


Summer 2:  Staff Appraisal Documentation and consultation surveys and examples in preparation for September (SM1).



The Cost

The cost of the ‘Annual Support Package for Primary Headteachers' is £195 + VAT

This represents a 35% discount when compared to purchasing the folders separately from


To Download

To download the ‘Annual Support Package for Primary Headteachers’ onto your desktop, as an e-folder, including all the six folders above, visit



The order process generates an invoice to your email account which should be paid by cheque or BACs within the next 30 days.


Further Enquiries

For further details or enquiries please:

Phone: 0845 308 1441 or






Head Teacher Feedback:

'As a result of the support package our school recently achieved 'outstanding' in our OFSTED inspection.

Thank you for all the really helpful and inspirational ideas and documents.

The key tasks each half term helped us do all the right things at the right time and the exemplar documents saved us so much time - they were really practical and adaptable to our school context - thank you!'

Price: £195.00
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