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SL2: EYFS Management Documentation

Is your EYFS data evaluated and presented effectively for OFSTED?


This e-folder contains EYFS Management documentation  in line with the latest EYFS Framework and Profile Handbook is available to download immediately onto your desktop costing £55 + VAT. It includes the following documentation:


An example of reporting EYFS  self-evaluations in a SEE/SEF for OFSTED purposes and an example of EYFS data and self-evaluations to share with OFSTED - this documentation is brief, precise and focused.


A summary of the latest CHANGES to the EYFS Profile Handbook, including how these changes impact EYFS especially in the area of secure moderation of pupils work.


EYFS Documents for on entry and end of year assessment and reporting to parents including examples and templates ready to use.


EYFS Policy example based upon the four themes from the EYFS Framework: A unique child; Positive relationships; Enabling environments; Learning and developing.


EYFS Planning examples: weekly, half termly and annual long term plans.


EYFS Monitoring audits for OFSTED - examples for Reading & phonics, Literacy, Mathematics and Outdoor learning.


End of year evaluation examples which satisfy OFSTED and reflect the seven areas of the EYFS curriculum (Three prime areas and four specific areas).


Early Learning Goals for each aspect of the seven areas from the new framework, organised by months: 20-36 months; 30-50 months; 40-60 months.


EYFS Observation of pupils achievements using a summary of the Early Learning Goals for every aspect of each area, in order to judge pupil achievements as: Emerging, Expected or Exceeded.


EYFS Pupil observation templates for use in the class and at home.


EYFS End of year report format using the seven areas and language in line with the latest EYFS documentation - these are easy to use, effective and liked by both parents and teachers.


EYFS Pupil friendly targets for reading, maths, writing and personal targets.


EYFS Outdoor provision criteria, examples and documentation for outstanding practice.


EYFS illustrated class letters - examples to assist in communicating with parents which are colourful and informative.


EYFS Parent fact sheet (one A4) listing answers to typical questions asked every year by new EYFS parents.


EYFS Documentation required to appoint high quality EYFS teachers and teaching assistants.


Transition from nursery to EYFS 1 A4 sheet of key information to collect and a 'Top 10 pupil skills' sheet outlining to nursery providers and parents what is required of pupils for a successful transition.



Head Teacher Feedback:

" These documents helped me not only understand the EYFS Handbook more fully but put it into practice quickly saving alot of time - Thank you!"


Price: £55.00
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