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AT1: 'Life Without Levels' - Whole School Assessment Documentation

Do you require 'Life Without Levels' whole school assessment documentation?


This e-folder contains 'Life Without Levels' whole school assessment, target setting and tracking documentation which is easy and effective to use. It provides each year group (Year 1 to Year 6) with all the necessary documentation to assess without levels in reading, writing, maths and science. This assessment system will ensure impact on pupil progress is maximised by measuring attainment and achievement in each year group and providing the key data analysis for effective evaluation. 


This e-folder of documentation costs £60 + VAT and is available to download immediately onto your desktop.


This e-folder contains the following assessment documentation for reading, writing, maths and science for Years 1 to Year 6:


Child Speak Targets written in child speak language, which may be used to help children focus on their next steps for learning.


Key Objectives which may be used to record coverage, or evidence the progress of pupils.


Excel Assessment Documentation for each subject within each year group enabling each pupil to be assessed as:

1 - Below expectation or Emerging* (blue)  

2 - Working towards expectation or Developing* (red)

3 - Meeting expectation or Securing* (amber)

4 - Exceeding expectation or Mastering* (green)


The Excel document calculates a child’s average score, shows objectives achieved and provides cohort data for attainment.

*The alternative 4 descriptors are included in version 2 which is part of the package provided.


A Summary of Key Objectives for each year group which may be used as an overview for each subject.


A Summary of Attainment and Achievement Outcomes capturing the key data in each subject for each year group on one A4 sheet.


An Assessment Matrix which compares the new descriptors 1-4 as listed above to:

·         the Teacher Assessment judged according to the percentage of objectives achieved

·         the suggested percentage thresholds from a test


Included as additional documentation is a summary of the DfE Commission Report 'Assessment Without Levels'.




Head Teacher Feedback:

"This is a very useful assessment package which has saved us so much time and helped us track pupil progress effectively."

Price: £60.00
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